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Smartphones and How to Keep Them from Being Scrapped

Majority of the people all over the world owns a smartphone and that’s a fact. In fact, 75 percent of people in American have one. Since people can’t do without phones, this is expected to grow in the next few years. Phones are no longer just used for texting and calling. You can practically call them mini computers that you can bring with you anywhere. They are also very convenient for a lot of people. They basically have everything you need.

The relationship people have with smartphones however, is not exactly perfect. There are people that can’t move on from the old phones. The indestructibility of the old ones is a common reason. You can even put them underwater and they would still ring. Some of them are still around and that just goes to show you how strong these phones are. Smartphones however, is a different story.

It’s not even fair to compare the old phones external to the new ones. It is undeniable that smartphones can do a lot more than old phones. However, you simply can’t ignore the fact that older phones are more durable than smartphones. Drop a smartphone and the screen will look like a spider web net. Sit on it and the phone snaps. Another thing about them is that they have a very short life span. A new phone is basically good for 21 months at most.

Most people however, find the need to replace their phones even if they are still good. As soon as the phone starts showing signs of slowing down, people are already looking for something to replace it with. Because of this, manufacturers no longer see the need to have a durable phone. You will find that this is not actually doing the economy any good. Many reasons are behind this simple fact that you should also understand. Making sure that our smartphone reaches an old age is the only thing you need to do in order to help make things better.

Here are the things you will need to do. First thing you need to get is a phone cover. Your phone will be protected if you drop it if it has a cover. There are many different covers online that you can get for your phone. It would also be good if you can protect the screen. The most fragile part of a phone is the screen. There are many options for this. Rubber versions are considered to be among the best in this.

A good reason for your smartphone to slowdown is the number of things you put in it. Upgrading your memory card can easily solve this. Making use of other storage method is also a good alternative.

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